Description: Use the system.cpu API to query CPU metadata.
Availability: Since Chrome 35.
Permissions: "system.cpu"


getInfo chrome.system.cpu.getInfo(function callback)



chrome.system.cpu.getInfo(function callback)

Queries basic CPU information of the system.

function callback

The callback parameter should be a function that looks like this:

function(object info) {...};
object info
integer numOfProcessors

The number of logical processors.

string archName

The architecture name of the processors.

string modelName

The model name of the processors.

array of string features

A set of feature codes indicating some of the processor's capabilities. The currently supported codes are "mmx", "sse", "sse2", "sse3", "ssse3", "sse4_1", "sse4_2", and "avx".

array of object processors

Information about each logical processor.

Properties of each object

object usage

Cumulative usage info for this logical processor.

double user

The cumulative time used by userspace programs on this processor.

double kernel

The cumulative time used by kernel programs on this processor.

double idle

The cumulative time spent idle by this processor.

double total

The total cumulative time for this processor. This value is equal to user + kernel + idle.

array of double temperatures

List of CPU temperature readings from each thermal zone of the CPU. Temperatures are in degrees Celsius.

Currently supported on Chrome OS only.